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Wetsuits to Improve Comfort and Performance

Wetsuits are more than just neoprene; they’re your second skin in the water. Whether you’re a seasoned water enthusiast or just dipping your toes, we have the perfect wetsuit to keep you comfortable, warm, and ready for action.

Unparalleled Wetsuit Selection

Make a splash and take your aquatic adventures to the next level! Look no further than Island Water Sports Miami, your ultimate destination for premium wetsuits. We’re not just a store; we’re your gateway to a world of comfort and performance in the water.

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Island Water Sports Miami proudly boasts the largest selection of wetsuits in Miami! Whether you are surfing, diving, wakeboarding, kiteboarding, foiling, or even riding a jetski, we have you covered. We understand that one wetsuit doesn’t fit all adventures, which is why our extensive range covers everything from jackets (tops) to spring suits (shorties) and full wetsuits.

Types of Wetsuits

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Jackets (Tops)

Ideal for when you need just a bit of extra insulation. They’re perfect for early morning surfs or those breezy days on the water.

spring suit wetsuit

Spring Suits (Shorties)

For milder conditions and ultimate flexibility during summer fun. Stay comfortable and agile in the water.

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Full Wetsuits

When the water gets colder or you’re in for a full day of water sports, our full wetsuits provide complete coverage and warmth.

We understand that everyone’s adventure is unique, which is why we offer a wide range of sizes for children, women, and men. Finding the perfect wetsuit fit is crucial for your comfort and performance in the water. Island Water Sports Miami stocks thicker wetsuits suitable for colder water, ranging from 3’2′ thickness, 4’3′, and even a small selection of 5mm options.

In addition to wetsuits, we also carry booties for both cold and warm water to ensure you’re well-equipped for every condition.

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Ready to Dive In?

Whether you’re planning a cold-water surf session or a tropical snorkeling adventure, your wetsuit is your trusty companion. Visit us at Island Water Sports Miami to explore our extensive collection of wetsuits. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you in finding the perfect wetsuit for your aquatic journey. Get ready to dive in and make a splash with the best wetsuits available!

Frequently Asked Questions

Wetsuits serve multiple purposes, primarily providing insulation to keep the body warm in cold water. They are designed to trap a thin layer of water between the suit and the skin, which then warms up and acts as an effective thermal barrier against the surrounding cold water.

Achieving the right fit is crucial for optimal performance. Refer to our sizing chart for accurate measurements, taking into account your height, weight, chest, waist, and hip measurements. If you’re unsure, our expert staff is always available to assist you in-store or online.

While wetsuits are primarily designed for cold water, some are suitable for warmer conditions. Consider a shorty or spring suit, which offers less coverage and increased breathability. These are perfect for tropical climates or summer surfing.

For comfort and hygiene, it’s recommended to wear a rash guard or a wetsuit liner beneath your wetsuit. These not only provide an additional layer of insulation but also help prevent chafing and wick away moisture.

Both styles have their advantages. Back-zip wetsuits are easier to put on and take off, while chest-zip suits offer a more secure and flexible fit. The choice depends on personal preference and ease of use.

The lifespan of a wetsuit depends on usage and care. With proper maintenance, a high-quality wetsuit can last several years. However, if you notice significant wear, tear, or a decrease in insulation, it may be time for a replacement.

Not all wetsuits are designed for surfing. Ensure you choose a surf-specific wetsuit with features like reinforced knees, flexibility in the arms, and a secure fit to enhance your surfing experience.

While primarily designed for surfing, wetsuits can be versatile and suitable for various water sports like paddleboarding, kayaking, and snorkeling. Choose a wetsuit with the appropriate thickness and flexibility for your chosen activity.nt

While Miami enjoys relatively warm waters, a wetsuit can still enhance your comfort, especially during the cooler months. It provides an extra layer of insulation, making early morning or late afternoon sessions more enjoyable.

In Miami, a wetsuit with a thinner neoprene thickness, such as 2mm or 3mm, is generally sufficient for most conditions. This provides ample insulation without overheating in the warmer temperatures common in the region.