Skateboarding has been a part of Island Water Sports Miami since it first opened in 1981. In the thirty five years Island has been in business we have seen many changes in the boards that are used. In the early 80’s names like Powell Peralta, Vision, and Schmitt Stix were the Brands that dominated the sport. All the boards were 9 to 10 inches wide with no concave and mainly meant for ramps. Thirty years later brands like Element, Girl, and Plan B now dominate the sport. All the boards are 8 inches wide, filled with concave, and mainly meant for street. Although the shape and construction of the boards have changed, one thing that hasn’t is our commitment to skateboarding.

With over 200 decks, hundreds of trucks and wheels, and a brand new skate section dedicated only to Longboard Skateboards, you can guarantee you will always find what your looking for.


Penny Skateboards 


Carver Skateboards


Here are some of the brands we carry:

Skateboards Wheels
Element Spitfire
Girl Ricta
Baker Darkstar
Alien Workshop Element
Enjoy Zero
Zero Girl
Habitat Pig
Cliche Baker
Plan B Alien Workshop
Almost Powell


Trucks Accessories
Tensor Protec Pads
Royal Protec Helmets
Independent Reds Bearings
Silver Speed Demon Bearings
Venture Lucky Bearings
Destructo Doh Doh Bushings


Longboard Skateboards
Sector9 Skateboards

Loaded Skateboards

Carver Skateboards

Penny Skateboards

Orangutan Wheels

Paris Trucks

Sidewinder Trucks