Surfers are pretty loyal to their gear shops. They also like to keep those places a secret from kooks like you. So if you’re a noob to hitting the glassy breaks of Miami’s beaches, you’ll want to find a place that appeals to your inner Johnny Utah no matter your skill level. Island Water Sports has been a South Florida fixture since 1981, and it caters to all kinds of surfers — the vets, the amateurs, and even paddle boarders and wake boarders (sorry, goat boaters, you’ll have to get your kayaking gear someplace else). They have a crapload of every kind of product you’ll need, like surf boards made by Channel Island and Aloha, to name a couple. They carry wetsuits from O’Neill, Quicksilver, and Rip Curl, and stock a myriad of Gorilla Grip, X-Trak, and other accessories. Pretty much whatever you need, they sell. Best of all, they have a killer staff waiting to answer any and all questions about the beautiful art of surfing. Need a tip on when and where to catch the best waves in town? They’ll tell you. Because unlike condescending, snobby surf shops around town that cater to only “their own kind,” the dudes at Island Water Sports actually give a crap about their customers and will steer you in the right direction with their friendly, knowledgeable advice. Then you’ll be ready to play hooky from your office job, and when the boss asks if you did anything productive, you can answer, “I caught my first tube today, sir.”